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¡Viva Maryvale!

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Project Details

College of Nursing & Health Innovations
Project Type: 
GIS, Web
Web Technology:
JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, Drupal, HTML/CSS
GIS Technology:
Esri ArcGIS Desktop
Database Technology:
Project Status: 


As part of the Viva Maryvale program, there was a need to provide a platform for vulnerable and underserved families to find, explore, share, review, and recommend health promoting places of interest in and around Maryvale. It needed to be accessible, bilingual, and easy to use. Project Administrators also wanted the ability to restrict those who can rank and comment on points of interest in the system.

Our Solution

Viva Maryvale project staff provided the points of interest in the form of 2 shapefiles (one for parks and one for medical centers) with attributes. Geospatial Research & Solutions then developed the Viva Maryvale website with a built in map viewer that shows these initial points of interest. The points have popups with details about the point written in both English and Spanish. Geospatial Research & Solutions also built a log in system so that project administrators can restrict those who can rank and comment in the system. The app was developed to be viewed on smart phones but also available via tablets and computers.