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Arizona GeoData Supply Chain Application

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Project Details

Arizona Department of Transportation, Works Consulting
Project Type: 
GIS, Web
Web Technology:
JavaScript, jQuery, Dojo, ASP.NET, PHP, Drupal, Extract, Transform, Load (ETL), HTML/CSS
GIS Technology:
Esri ArcGIS Server, Esri ArcGIS Desktop
Database Technology:
Esri ArcSDE, Microsoft SQL Server
Project Status: 


The application needed to support contributors of GIS centerline data for transportation and E-911 in Arizona. It allows data users to provide georeferenced feedback to owners of data by registering quality control issues in the form of tickets. Members can use the online web applications to create, view, query, update, comment on, or request resolution for tickets. They can also download a widget to be run as an ArcMap add-in to create an area, add comments, and submit the information to an AZGEO web service where a new ticket will be created. Upon the creation of a ticket, data owners as well as other group members that may be interested in the type of data issue, whether it be relating to centerlines, addresses, other transportation data, or the location of the issue, are notified by the system via email. These dynamic applications facilitate near real-time communication with QA/QC to resolve data issues, keep data up-to-date and relevant, and minimize redundant editing of data.

Our Solution

This application needed to reach two user groups, those who currently use ArcMap to report data issues and those who would prefer to use the AZGEO website. For the ArcMap users, Works Consulting provided their existing source code to select an area in ArcMap and send associated information to a server. The Geospatial Research and Solutions team updated the code to work with a variety of data projections and to submit the ticket information to the online ticketing system and then created a widget that can be used in ArcMap. The team also developed a mapping interface on the AZGEO website that allows users to select areas and report data issues via the online application. Whether the ArcMap widget or the AZGEO website is used to create a ticket, the information is written to a transactional database and can then be accessed and worked with via the ticketing interface on AZGEO which the Geospatial Research and Solutions team created for this project.