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Arizona Indicators

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Project Details

Arizona Indicators
Project Type: 
GIS, Web
Web Technology:
ActionScript, Adobe Flex, Drupal, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, XML Web Services
GIS Technology:
Google Maps
Database Technology:
Cloud Based, MySQL
Project Status: 


Create a simple map interface for a non-technical audience. Manage complex GIS data and optimize for delivery over the web. Use open-source software and tools to develop the project. The application needed to run on a generic LAMP Stack which could be easily transferrable between web hosting systems. Based on government policy, the application needed to support the visually-impaired.

Our Solution

We took advantage of the rich visualization capabilities of Flash and created the application using Google Maps and Adobe Flex. Instead of using traditional GIS tools to interact with the map, we designed a simple drill down method to view data at different geographic levels. Map geometries were simplified and loaded into a MySQL database for optimum performance and a custom color selector allows users to define their own color palette.