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ASU Community Connect

Project Details

ASU Community Connect
Project Type: 
GIS, Web
Web Technology:
ActionScript, Adobe Flex, ASP.NET, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, jQuery
GIS Technology:
Google Maps
Database Technology:
Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL
Project Status: 


One of the main components of the ASU mandate is 'Community Embededness' - it is a priority for ASU to reach beyond it's academic pursuits and into the Community to make a positive difference. Many programs are sponsored by vvarious departments at ASU and the Office of University Initiatives created a web site to help people share them and find them. However, in order to visualize the many intersections between ASU and the surrounding community, a map was needed.

Our Solution

A database maintained by the Office of Initiatives updates a Google Map on a nightly basis. As programs are added to the Community Connect database via their web page, a correlating point is added to the map. Clicking on a point allows a user to find out information about the program by linking back to the web page describing it. Additionally, users can search the map interactively by typing in a topic of interest.