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City of Tempe Police Department

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Project Details

City of Tempe Police Department
Project Type: 
GIS, Web
Web Technology:
JavaScript, jQuery, Dojo, Drupal, HTML/CSS
GIS Technology:
Esri ArcGIS Server, Esri Web AppBuilder
Database Technology:
Esri ArcSDE, Microsoft SQL Server
Project Status: 


SPARC had a system to bring in data to work with, analyze and map. They wanted to be able to obtain, store, edit and access the GIS data they need in a functional system that also seamlessly and securely integrated with the City of Tempe’s enterprise GIS system which would allow data to be passed back and forth safely.

Our Solution

Geospatial Research and Solutions worked with SPARC to investigate their current data, develop a SQL server and SDE database design, load data into SQL/SDE from Versadex, automate data imports from Versadex into SPARC SQL and SDE, import required existing geodatabases into SQL/SDE, and export the data in a variety of ways which would allow different software to consume it. Geospatial Research and Solutions also worked with SPARC, Tempe IT and Tempe Enterprise GIS staff to acquire and integrate a server into the Tempe system and helped to develop and implement a user authentication on the system.