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Project Details

ASU Researcher
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GIS Technology:
Esri ArcGIS Desktop
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For this project we mapped 2,000 address locations and facility addresses in order to visualize and analyze patterns.  The researcher decided that he also wanted to see if age had any effect on facility choice so age was added to the analysis.  The client wanted both maps and a table as the final product.  He would continue analysis on the table on his own.


Our Solution

The team developed maps that showed the overall distance each person traveled to get to their desired facility. The tabular data was the key for this researcher, they wanted to see ratios of patient travel patterns, whether they traveled to the nearest available facility or if they drove the extra distance. The data were joined with 2014 ACS Block Group Data (5-year estimates) in order to see the general demographics of the community. The resulting table will be used by the researcher to investigate travel behavior.