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Geodesign Workshop

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Project Details

School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
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GIS Technology:
Esri CityEngine, Esri ArcGIS Desktop
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In order to demonstrate the use of geodesign tools and principles, an area of interest of a specific scale needed to be identified and then several layers of data needed to be collected and processed. Ten systems important to the area needed to be identified and modeled. Key players in the development of the selected geographic area then had to be brought together to participate in the workshop. Finally, 3D representations of the study area as well as a rendering of what the area would look like as designed by the workshop participants was needed.

Our Solution

Geospatial Research and Solutions called upon their strong relationships with planning groups in the Valley to delineate a study area which could address existing needs while meeting the scale requirements set by Dr. Steinitz. The team then identified key players in the development of the geographical area and brought those people together for the workshop. A large amount of data had to be collected and prepared for use in the workshop. Much of the source data was supplied by the Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG) and that data was then processed by the GRS group so that it was usable in the workshop. With input from local experts, the workshop team determined 10 systems which are important to the study area and developed models of those systems for the Geodesign Hub software. Once alternative futures were developed, GRS utilized CityEngine to show the area of interest as it currently is now and what it might look like in the future.