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In most cases a need a grid created over a certain area.  The client knows the coordinates of the grid corners and the size of grid needed and passes that information to GRS for us to create the grid.  We are able to create the grid for the client and then overlay any other spatial data the client needs.  The final deliverable is sometimes a geospatial file (shapefile or geodatabase) for the client to work with and other times it is a table showing the results of intersecting the various data.

Our Solution

Each solution we provide is unique to the problem we are given. In one instance the client knew the grid coordinates for the corners of his grid and asked us to create a grid layer that has 12 kilometer grid sides. We were then asked to intersect that grid with milepost data and return a table showing all of the road information and its associated grid. The researcher was then able to work with that data from that point on. In a second case a researcher knew the 4 bounding coordinates of her grids, but needed points placed at set intervals. We were able to place the 1600 points in each grid at the correct location and join the tabular information so that the data could be analyzed.