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Hadar Geoinformatics Project

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Hadar Google Earth app with Animal layer

Project Details

School of Human Evolution and Social Change (SHESC)
Project Type: 
GIS, Web
Web Technology:
ASP.NET, Dojo, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, jQuery
GIS Technology:
Esri ArcGIS ModelBuilder, Esri ArcGIS Server, Esri ArcPy, Google Earth, Esri ArcGIS Desktop
Database Technology:
Esri ArcSDE, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server
Project Status: 


These products will provide students an opportunity to explore and visualize interdisciplinary data relevant to paleoanthropology in the Hadar area by making data more accessible and easy to understand. Students will gain an understanding for geospatial data, how different mapping interfaces can be used, and ultimately, how the data and affiliated research supports scientific discovery and hypothesis testing.

Our Solution

Two audiences were addressed for this project. For the education purposes, a Google Map application was created that allows users to query pre-historic flora and fauna present at the Hadar field site based on time, geography and genus/species. For researchers, an ArcGIS Server application was deployed to give more complete access to raw data and the ability to integrate data that is being developed currently.