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Mexican-origin Adolescent Mothers and Infants

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MAMI Census Data

Project Details

The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development
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GIS Technology:
Esri ArcGIS Desktop
Database Technology:
Microsoft Access
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2010 census data for this longitudinal research project was requested at the block group level for the latest round of data updates, which was gathered from both U.S. Decennial Census and the U.S. American Community Survey. Geospatial Research & Solutions needed to reconcile requested information with the information that was currently available.

Our Solution

The U.S. Census has processed those data that are available to varying degrees. Data that were readily available were found in American FactFinder, a U.S. Census sponsored website, and were downloaded as Excel files to be processed. Data that were not currently available in American FactFinder were downloaded as raw data from the census website in large text files, processed in Access to import the data and then re-processed for final delivery.