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Sandeep Sabu

Job title
Programmer/Analyst, Geospatial Research and Solutions

Sandeep Sabu is a Geospatial Data Analyst at Geospatial Research & Solutions and Knowledge Exchange for Resilience at ASU.  He specializes in developing geospatial web applications and data visualizations.

With a dual Masters in Community & Regional Planning and Water Resources Management, Sandeep has used GIS for more than 8 years on projects related to agricultural land and water use, business expansion, utility asset mapping, and environmental impact assessment.

In addition to his work in GIS and environmental planning, he has built a range of full-stack websites and data dashboards using JavaScript, PHP, jQuery, React/Redux, PostgreSQL/MySQL, Node.js/Express.js, turf.js, Leaflet.js, and D3.js.