Technical support

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GRS provides system support for GIS Architecture as well as hardware and software support.

  • Hardware and software installations and troubleshooting
  • Custom desktop application development
  • Research and classroom support

Service charges

Services start at $23 an hour up to $125 an hour

Examples of Technical support

AZGeo Data Hub

The AZGeo Data Hub project was built in partnership with the Arizona State Land Department as a statewide open geospatial data repository: an authoritative data source for GIS professionals, various agencies, and the general public.


AZSITE is a consolidated GIS network of recorded cultural resources, archaeological sites and surveys throughout Arizona. It was developed by GRS and is a collaborative project between the Arizona State Museum at the UofA, ASU's Archaeological Research Institute, the State Historic Preservation Office, and the Museum of Northern Arizona.

Census Response Mapping

Mapping response rates for the 2020 census in an interactive map

SHPO Database Integration

Integration and synchronization of enterprise database systems for the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO).

Turning the Corner

Working with non-profits and neighborhood groups to collect, analyze, and map data related to the Turning the Corner neighborhood displacement project.