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SHPO Database Integration


The Arizona State Parks (ASP) and the Arizona Board of Regents (ABOR) cooperate in the development and maintenance of AZSITE, the statewide cultural resources database and GIS. Both Arizona State Museum (ASM) and ASP enter data on projects and properties into the AZSITE system. To help facilitate this data entry and eliminate duplicate entry, ABOR will work with ASP to facilitate data sharing through integration of the AZSITE system and the State Historic Preservation Office’s (SHPO) compliance database.

In the past, SHPO and AZSITE data had to be accessed through the two separate data entry and maintenance systems. The need to develop and program a method to facilitate data sharing between the SHPO and the AZSITE systems emerged in response to calls to make the overall management of cultural data more efficient. An automated Extract, Transform, Load process was created to synchronize data between the two enterprise databases. We used Oracle Heterogenous Services and SQL Server SSIS packages to perform the ETL and move the data into the a common, AZSITE Database warehouse. Users can now query SHPO data through the AZSITE system and view dynamically generated web reports to review data originating from both systems.