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Xiangyu Bai

Xiangyu Bai

Job title
Research Aide, Geospatial Research and Solutions

Xiangyu Bai obtained a Bachelor's degree in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) from Taiyuan University of Technology. Currently, Xiangyu is actively pursuing a graduate degree at ASU, specializing in the field of GIS studies.

With 3 years of experience in GIS data analysis and management, Xiangyu has demonstrated exceptional leadership by successfully spearheading digital twin projects valued at over $2,000,000. Additionally, Xiangyu has established comprehensive GIS spatial databases for esteemed clients, showcasing expertise in the field. Passionate about the GIS industry and digital twin technology, Xiangyu firmly believes in the transformative potential of combining GIS, simulation, big data, and AI to create a true digital twin world.