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GRS meets a wide range of needs relating to geospatial data collection, management, analysis, and visualization. Some examples of the services we provide include creation of maps for publication, presentations, and posters; interactive web maps and data dashboards; mapping address points; demographic, population, and community profiling; data collection and surveys; GIS hardware and software support; and all types of research support involving maps and geospatial information.

GRS is happy to assist ASU faculty in developing grant proposals and welcomes inquiries from both public and private entities.

Our Services


GRS can create web maps, online dashboards, StoryMaps, and professional maps for publications with your data.

  • Web maps
  • Dashboards
  • StoryMaps
  • Hardcopy maps and large format printing
  • Professional maps for publications
  • Integration into Salesforce application
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Data collection and creation

GRS maintains an integrated suite of instruments and software for all types of geospatial data collection, including GPS and drone data.

  • Creation and maintenance of GIS databases
  • Mapping addresses (geocoding) and associating demographic information
  • Census data expertise
  • GPS data collection (.e.g., utilities, natural features, etc.)
  • Imagery data creation from unmanned aircraft systems (flight planning, flights with licensed pilots, image processing and analysis) and satellites
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GRS analysts can take your data to the next level with advanced geospatial analytics and machine learning.

  • Advanced data analytics
  • Statistical analyses
  • Machine learning and deep learning analyses
  • Programming and software support
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Technical support

GRS provides system support for GIS Architecture as well as hardware and software support.

  • Hardware and software installations and troubleshooting
  • Custom desktop application development
  • Research and classroom support
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Cost of Services

Services start at $23 an hour up to $125 an hour

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