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The Geospatial Research and Solutions staff has over 30 years experience working with a wide variety of Geographic Information Systems software, data and data management tools including ESRI, Google, Open Layers, SQL and SDE.

Maps for Publication
  • Maps created to specification for publisher in required graphic file format.
Maps for use in PowerPoint and Posters
  • Cartographically simple yet powerful tools for conveying information
  • Available in custom print size
  • Aesthetically appealing designs including color use for visually-impaired
Demographic Profiling
  • Choose 1 or more census variables such as income, ethnicity, education and view maps individually or create an index to display a custom profile for your study area
  • Show available community resources such as schools, parks, libraries, child care, hospitals, pharmacies, police and fire stations within a study area
  • Determine population characteristics within political boundaries such as voting, legislative and congressional districts
Mapping Address Points
  • Display tabular data for addresses or x,y coordinates on a map with background data of choice (street map or demographic). Addresses must be submitted with address, city, state, zip code information.
Interactive Map Sites
  • Use the internet to show points using Google Maps
  • Layers may be turned on and off where data is available at regional, state, county, city level, and drill-down capacity provided
Research Proposal Support
  • Provide technical wording for mapping objectives as well as maps to convey information
  • Provide research to determine availability of related mapping efforts which might be used to leverage research objectives

We are happy to assist ASU faculty in developing grant proposals and we welcome inquiries from both public and private entities.


Costs for services are $80/hr for ASU faculty and staff and $125/hr for non-profit organizations. Please contact Geospatial Research and Solutions directly to request additional rate information. If you are interested in our services, please email Shea Lemar (grsinfo [at] for more information.